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"Raw" Walnut 核桃仁【250g/500g】| 新鲜 Fresh 原味 Original Favour 日晒 无任何添加剂与防腐剂 Without any food additives and Preservative 健康食品

邮费补贴|Shipping fee Subsidy
健康饮食|Healthier Choice
品质保证|Quality Control
安全支付|Secure payments
重量 Weight
250g x 1 bag
500g (250g x 2 bags)
[Product Detail (产品详情)]
Product Origin: Yunnan, China
规格 1: 250g x 1 包
Specification 1: 250g x 1 bag
规格 2: 500g (250g x 2 包)
Specification 2: 500g (250g x 2 bags)

[Feature / 特点]
1. 无任何防腐与食品添加剂 Without any food additives and Preservative
2. 多项保健功效 Various health benefits

[Efficacy and effect/ 功能]
1. 减少患乳腺癌的风险 Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer
2. 预防老年痴呆症 Prevent Alzheimer disease
3. 减少患抑郁症几率 Reduce the Risk of Depressive Disorder
4. 降低患糖尿病的风险 Reduce the Risk of Diabetes
5. 减轻压力 Reduce Stress
6. 预防心血管疾病 Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
7. 促进睡眠 Improve Sleep Quality

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